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Proper Care and Keeping for Clear Aligners


Proper Care & Keeping for Clear Aligners

If you’re not satisfied with the way your smile looks, you may be considering your cosmetic options. Those with crooked teeth may be looking hard at clear braces in Elk Grove—and rightfully so! Clear braces provide an effective way to straighten your smile without the entire world knowing.

However, caring for your clear braces does require a bit of work. Here are some of the basic practices you’ll need to keep them in good shape.

1. Keep Your Teeth Clean

If you decide to move forward with clear braces, you’ll need to commit to brushing your teeth after every meal. Any lingering sugars or food debris on or between your teeth will only get trapped in the aligner—which can cause staining of the braces, with harmful effects for your teeth as well!

2. Rinse Aligners Each Time They Are Removed

You’ll be taking your aligners out every time you eat or drink non-water beverages, and every time that you do, it’s best to rinse them! Putting your clear braces under running water can help rinse away food debris and bacteria that has accumulated throughout the day.

3. Use Anti-Bacterial Soap for a Deep Clean

You should perform a deep clean of your aligners in the morning and at night with a colorless, fragrance-free antibacterial soap. You can use a special toothbrush to gently brush your aligners, but be sure not to use toothpaste as this can cause clouding.

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