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The Relationship Between Fluoride and Your Oral Health

05/01/2021 ~ Schumer Family Dental Care

What Is Fluoride? Fluoride is a mineral found in some foods, and typically, our drinking water. It is often added to toothpaste, as well. This is because fluoride is known for benefiting our oral health by strengthening our teeth. Fluoride helps protect teeth against bacteria and resulting decay by fortifying and restoring the outer layers […]

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5 Tips For Protecting Your Braces and Teeth

04/15/2021 ~ Schumer Family Dental Care

The Value of Braces Braces are a fantastic, reliable way to straighten your teeth. However, braces come with their own set of rules and special care tips everyone should follow. Being mindful of your braces will not only help you to get the most out of the treatment plan, but protect your teeth, as well. […]

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Why Do We have Wisdom Teeth Removed?

03/30/2021 ~ Schumer Family Dental Care

Wisdom teeth are the molars which sit furthest back in the mouth. They do not usually begin to emerge until at least age seventeen, and sometimes do not appear until as late as age twenty-five. Wisdom teeth were once utilized for chewing and consuming hard to eat foods. They were tools our great ancestors used […]

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Reversing Early-Stage Gum Disease

03/04/2021 ~ Schumer Family Dental Care

Hearing that your smile is showing signs of the early stages of gum disease can be highly alarming. Indeed, gum disease can become very serious if left untreated; advanced stages of this condition have been linked to tooth loss, heart attack, and stroke. Fortunately, there are many things that can help reverse gum disease if […]

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Non-Urgent Appointments During the Pandemic

01/26/2021 ~ Schumer Family Dental Care

There’s no doubt about it: the coronavirus has changed a lot about how we do things! Our dental office in Elk Grove has been adhering to strict protocols to keep our patients and staff safe since the beginning of the pandemic. Still, it’s understandable why some people have been nervous to visit the dentist and […]

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