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An Elk Grove Village & Hoffman Estates Dentist – Dental Bonding

Cosmetic and restorative dentistry are two different categories of dentistry, both of which help improve the appearance and functionality of teeth. Dental implants, veneers, dental bridges, and bonding, are just a few examples. These procedures are used to correct flaws in a patient’s smile, such as overlapping teeth or discoloration, while also benefiting a patient’s overall oral health.

For example, dental bonding is both restorative and cosmetic. A person who has chipped or cracked teeth might want them repaired for purely cosmetic reasons. However, dental bonding restores structure and strength to damaged teeth, which provides necessary support for them to function.

The Dental Bonding Process

The bonding procedure is simple. During dental bonding, the surfaces of natural teeth are etched. This allows a mold of composite resin to be applied to the teeth, covering flaws such as chips and gapping. The resin will be shaped, cured, trimmed, and polished to look as natural as possible.

After the composite resin is cured and hardened, it effectively repairs tooth damage. Dental bonding also protects teeth from suffering further damage, and surrounding teeth from extra wear and tear.

Those who have chipped teeth, teeth that are noticeably shorter than others, gaps, thin enamel, or jagged edges, are all good candidates for dental bonding. However, composite resin cannot be whitened, therefore, it is wise to have teeth professionally whitened before dental bonding is done. This way, the resin that is used during the procedure will match the whitened teeth.

People who are not good candidates for dental bonding are those who have severe decay and/or damage. Dental crowns, dental implants, or porcelain veneers might be better options in these cases. Smokers may also not be good candidates for dental bonding, since resin will accumulate tobacco stains.

Pros & Cons of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is usually much more affordable than other cosmetic dentistry procedures. However, dental bonding does not last as long as porcelain veneers. Dental bonding usually lasts anywhere between three to ten years.

Composite resin can also stain over time, which is why it’s important to avoid foods and habits which cause discoloration (such as smoking). Bleaching agents used in professional tooth whitening services cannot remove these stains.

Also, resin is more likely to chip if a patient commonly eats hard foods, or has habits like nail biting/chewing on pen caps/etc.

The dental bonding procedure is fast and painless. Usually, no anesthesia is required and patients only need one appointment. Other cosmetic dental procedures are more invasive and time consuming.

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