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Eating Well for Oral Health

03/20/2020 ~ Schumer Family Dental Care

It’s a well-known fact that sugary drinks and foods work against your smile’s best interests, attracting harmful bacteria that will deplete your enamel and promote tooth decay. To celebrate National Nutrition Month, we want to flip the script and present you with food and beverage options that will actually help your teeth! Though you will […]

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Essential Care Tips For Parents and Kids

02/20/2020 ~ Schumer Family Dental Care

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. At Schumer Family Dental Care, we know that good habits formed in childhood can help protect a person’s natural teeth for life. As with most things, care should change accordingly as your child grows into a young adult. Here are our recommendations for infants, children, and adolescents. Toothless […]

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Tips and Tricks for Great Teeth in 2020

01/28/2020 ~ Schumer Family Dental Care

Everyone enjoys showing of a beautiful healthy smile, which is part of what makes good oral hygiene important. Caring for your teeth helps prevent infection, gum disease, bone loss, stroke, heart disease, and more. If you want to flash those pearly whites with confidence throughout the new year, we have some tips for you – […]

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How to Prep Your Smile for Holiday Parties

12/19/2019 ~ Schumer Family Dental Care

With the end of the year upon us, it’s time to get prepped for the yearly lineup of holiday parties. Whether it’s for work or with friends, we know you want to look your best. And looking your best means smiling your best. While we’ve used teeth whitening near Hoffman Estate to help our patients’ […]

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Preventive Dentistry

11/15/2019 ~ Schumer Family Dental Care

Many dental conditions can be prevented by maintaining a stellar oral hygiene routine and visiting us bi-yearly for professional cleanings. If you feel oral pain or sudden tooth sensitivity, make sure you visit your dentist near Elk Grove Village so we can diagnose and treat your ailment. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of […]

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