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Eating Well for Oral Health


It’s a well-known fact that sugary drinks and foods work against your smile’s best interests, attracting harmful bacteria that will deplete your enamel and promote tooth decay. To celebrate National Nutrition Month, we want to flip the script and present you with food and beverage options that will actually help your teeth! Though you will always want to visit your general dentist in IL for checkups, good nutrition can work wonders when it comes to continuing good oral health.

Calcium and Phosphorus for Strong Bones

Two of the most important nutrients for building and maintaining strong bones are calcium and phosphorus. A diet that includes good and varied sources of calcium and phosphorus can help keep your natural teeth in shape for the duration of your life.

Sources of Calcium

  • Dark green leafy vegetables, including collard greens, spinach, and kale
  • Low-fat dairy products, including milk, yogurt, and cheese
  • Soy products, including fortified drinks and tofu
  • Sardines and canned salmon
  • Almonds, beans, and lentils

Sources of Phosphorus

  • Dairy products, including milk, cottage cheese, and yogurt
  • Chicken, turkey, pork, organ meats, and seafood
  • Nuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds
  • Whole grain, quinoa, and amaranth
  • Beans, lentils, and soy products

Vitamin C for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Vitamin C is another essential nutrient which can support good oral health, promoting strong teeth and gums. You may immediately (and correctly) think of citrus fruits, but it’s important to note that these should be washed down with water to avoid overexposing your teeth to acidity.

Sources of Vitamin C

  • Citrus fruits including oranges, lemons, grapefruit, and limes
  • Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, and mustard spinach
  • Strawberries, papaya, guava, lychees, and kiwis
  • Chili peppers and sweet yellow peppers
  • Thyme and parsley

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