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Does Your Child Have “Shark Teeth?”


Shark Teeth in Children

Your Elk Grove Village Dentist on “Shark Teeth” in Children

There is a dental condition where children’s new adult teeth may grow in behind their baby teeth, rather than replace them after the baby teeth fall out. This condition is referred to as “shark teeth” because sharks have many rows of teeth in their mouths. This may be ideal for an ocean predator, but for humans, having more than one row of teeth can lead to problems.

When shark teeth emerge, this results in adult teeth erupting behind the preexisting, single row of primary (baby) teeth. Ordinarily, this row is slowly replaced by one adult tooth at a time, over the course of a child’s young life.

Shark teeth occur in children when adult teeth fail to erupt, baby teeth do not undergo resorption, or both. In each case, baby teeth do not fall out and therefore, adult teeth have nowhere to go and instead emerge behind them.

Shark teeth usually occur behind the bottom row of front teeth, but may also occur behind the upper row. Generally, this dental oddity occurs in kids between the ages of six and twelve.

Sometimes, the stubborn primary teeth will become loose and fall out on their own, as they should, and when this happens, a treatment plan is not usually necessary. However, when baby teeth remain stuck, the newly formed adult teeth will need some help growing in. By removing the primary teeth at a dental office, adult teeth will be able to move and shift into place without much delay.

To determine whether or not your child’s teeth are developing like they should, taking them in for regular dental appointments can help prevent dental problems before they occur. If your child develops “shark teeth,” they may not need any treatment, but it is always wise to check in with your family dentist, especially if your child is in pain, or you simply do not feel comfortable waiting.

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