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Dental Emergencies


Even if you are keeping up with your general dentistry near Itasca, you may still someday experience a dental trauma or another emergency situation that requires immediate assistance. In the moment, those who are prepared to act quickly will have the greatest chance of minimizing the trauma of the experience and saving their tooth.

What Qualifies as a “Dental Emergency”?

If you have experienced a dental trauma, such as losing or breaking a tooth, or are suffering with persistent pain, you have a dental emergency to deal with. While it may be obvious that you need help when you’ve lost a tooth, it’s important to emphasize that duller but consistent pain may also be a sign of something very serious.

Chipped, Cracked, or Broken Teeth

Often caused by an accident that occurred during vigorous activity, these ailments are frequently accompanied by unbearable pain. In these cases, the best way to manage pain will be a cold compress and acetaminophen while you await a dentist’s visit. Using other medicines, including numbing gels, is discouraged, as it can interfere with treatment.

Knocked-Out Teeth

This startling experience can leave a person feeling overwhelmed and in pain. If it happens to you or someone else close to you, the first step should be to pick up the tooth by its crown (never its root) and rinse it gently, without any scrubbing. You may be able to insert the tooth into the socket while awaiting your visit. If not, try to contain the tooth between the cheek and gums or store it in a small container of milk.

Gum and Unexplained Tooth Pain

If you are experiencing any kind of gum swelling or dental pain, it is important to seek out the help of a general dentist near Itasca. The case may be that you have a dental or gingival abscess, acute pulpitis, or another underlying condition that needs immediate attention. As in the case of chipped, cracked, or broken teeth, a cold compress and acetaminophen is a fine first response to most situations.

Contact Us for General Dentistry Near Itasca

Our compassionate staff is standing by to help you in your time of need. Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you are experiencing any dental pain, regardless of a prior appointment. For emergency cases, we will see you as soon as possible to attend to your problem.

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