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A General Dentist in IL – Do Carbs Cause Cavities


The Connection Between Carbs and Tooth Decay

We all know what sugar can do to our teeth, so many of us are constantly watching our children to make sure they don’t eat too many sweets, and even a number of adults avoid sugar as much as possible. If you are aiming to maintain your dental health and avoid tooth decay, you may be interested to know that carbohydrates can also lead to cavities.

Common carb-heavy foods such as crackers, white bread, pasta, chips, etc., can all significantly impact the health of your teeth and lead to cavity development. While most of us worry about candy and soda, other processed foods can pose an equal threat to our teeth.

When we consume carbohydrates it causes acid production in the mouth which slowly erodes tooth enamel. Tooth enamel cannot grow back or be restored once it is gone, and being that enamel is your teeth’s first line of defense against decay, the loss of it inevitably leads to cavities.

There is no way to completely avoid the damage carbohydrates can do to your teeth, as carbs are an important part of any balanced diet. However, you can limit exposure to the acids that do affect your enamel by limiting the amount of carbs you eat.

Additionally, when you do eat carbs, you can brush your teeth or rinse your mouth out with water afterwards to neutralize acids. If you decide to brush your teeth, be sure to wait about half an hour after eating before getting the toothbrush out, since tooth enamel softens after eating and takes about thirty minutes to reharden.

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